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Hi, I am

Ethan Brouwer

I am

Ethan Brouwer


This Website!


I've gone through a number of websites over the years, most recently just building with Wordpress on a virtual private server. Over the last two years or so, however, I've taught myself React to rebuild the TaxBit web app and gotten much more familiar with AWS. So, this whole website was designed and created by me in React with any important backend function running in Lambdas accessible through API Gateway in AWS. I even use Route 53 to manage my DNS and Certificate Manager to handle SSL. And I've made pretty much everything available on GitHub.

Advent of Code 2020


2020 was the first year I found out about and participated in the Advent of Code. Because I just wanted to have some fun with it, I decided it would be an awesome opportunity to figure out how to use Deno, a TypeScript ready secure alternative runtime for JavaScript.

Modeling Traffic Flow


In my senior year in the Applied and Computational Math program at BYU, I worked with a group of 5 other students to study a number of models for the flow of traffic under certain conditions. We used Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and the Law of Conservation to model traffic density in a given area, and Ordinary Differential Euqations (ODEs) to model individual cars based on near-neighbor interactions. Read More...

Predicting Climbing Champions


Also in my senior year in the Applied and Computational Math program at BYU, I worked with another 2 students to try and predict climbing champions in IFSC competitions. We used a number of different machine learning techniques trained on data from IFSC world cup climbers to predict ranks in later years. Read More...

Slide Deck about the Blockchain


Working at TaxBit, we sometimes do presentations during lunch about different technical things. We like to call it our "Lunch and Learn". I was tasked with one of the first presentations, and because we work so closely with Blockchain technology, I decided to help out some of the company with understanding the Blockchain a little better. Read More...

Slide Deck about React's useEffect()


At one of our dev lunches, I gave a short presentation on React's usEffect() hook, trying to help people understand what its use is and what some common gotchas are. Read More...